Enrolment Conditions

Please make sure you can make commit to this course before enrolling.

MBSR is an investment of time and money (offering enormous returns for your mind and body.)
By committing to this course, it?s likely you?ll have to let go of something for the duration of the course. You can?t have a super busy life and then add MBSR as well.

Time commitment = 2.5 hour weekly class, plus 45 minutes of home practice 6 days per week (approx. 7 hours per week in total)

Also check your calendar to ensure you can attend the Day of Mindfulness Retreat.
Understandably, you may have prior unchangeable commitments. If that?s the case and you?re going to miss more than 2 of the weekly classes, we recommend that you wait for the next MBSR course, where you can attend at least 6 - 8 classes.

Refunds cannot be given within 2 weeks of the course commencing. In exceptional circumstances, special consideration may be given for cancellations within the two week period prior to the course commencing. If this occurs, you will be charged a $50 administration fee. Exceptional circumstances are defined as serious personal considerations or illness.

Once the MBSR course has commenced, there are no transfers or refunds in the event you are unable to attend. And please note these conditions apply whether or not you enrol in the course within two weeks of it beginning. We reserve the right to cancel a course or refuse any enrolment as permitted by law. Naturally, if a course is cancelled, you?ll be offered a full refund.

Please understand the course materials are copyright and you agree never to sell, rent or otherwise distribute your course materials in any way.

All enrolled students are automatically included on beingmindfulnow.com.au mailing list in order to receive a weekly course email. Once the course is over, you can unsubscribe.